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Ortega Construction Company values come from our Founder, Michael Ortega, and his personal beliefs for what leads to success. To start, the number one attribute an individual must have when hired is Passion. Whether it is a passion for the business or something that drives that individual to work harder because they believe in the end goal. This proves that person has motivation and is willing to work hard.

Every team member is expected to exemplify these core values - Integrity, Passion, Respect, Discipline and Teamwork. While these are fundamental to day to day operations in our business, we also understand the importance of balancing the demands of work, family and self development. 


Integrity is the foundation on which our company and our reputation are built and is the source of referrals and repeat business.

We believe that professionals who are passionate about what they do deliver outstanding service and extraordinary results because they care.
By insisting and demonstrating on mutual respect for all those whom we collaborate - clients, architects, peers, workers, colleagues - we maintain a strong, productive workplace.
Both on and off the job, personal discipline is essential to achieving the superior performance that we expect of ourselves and others.
Our team members possess a competitive drive that makes them accountable to one another and to clients as we strive for excellence in every project.
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